9R14. Scaling of Structural Strength. - ZP Bazant (Dept of Civil Eng and Mat Sci, Northwestern University, Evanston IL 60201). Hermes Sci Publ, Paris. Distributed in USA by Taylor & Francis Publ, New York NY. 2002. 280 pp. ISBN 1-56032-984-X. $95.00.

Reviewed by G Lewis (Dept of Mech Eng, Univ of Memphis, 316 Eng Bldg, Memphis TN 38152).

It is widely acknowledged that the subject of scaling or size effects (particularly, in components and structures fabricated from quasi-brittle materials) is, arguably, one of the most important ones in solid mechanics. This is because, from a theoretical perspective, the analysis is very complex, even abstruse, in places. In practical terms, scaling has far-reaching implications for both the design and the cost of prototypes of these components and structures, ranging from reinforced concrete columns on highways and fine crystal wine glasses to silicon...

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