9R13. Process Modeling in Composites Manufacturing. - SG Advani (Univ of Delaware, Newark DE) and EM Sozer (Koc Univ, Istanbul, Turkey). Marcel Dekker, New York. 2003. 436 pp. ISBN 0-8247-0860-1. $175.00.

Reviewed by L Mishnaevsky Jr (MPA, Univ of Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 32, Stuttgart, D-70569, Germany).

This textbook introduces the reader to the concepts and methods of the modeling of polymer composite manufacturing processes on the basis of the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, theory, and the analysis of the physics of the process. The authors are successful in their aim to create a self-contained text, which systematically demonstrates “how one would go about modeling a composite manufacturing process.”

The book is logically divided into three major parts: introduction to the polymer composite materials and manufacturing processes (Ch 1 and 2), theoretical tools and approaches needed to model the processes...

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