7R2. Handbook of Green’s Functions and Matrices. - VD Seremet (State Agrarian Univ of Moldova, Rep of Moldova). WIT Press, Southampton, UK. Distributed in USA by Comput Mech, Billerica MA. 2003. 295 pp. CD-Rom included. ISBN 1-85312-933-X. $229.00.

Reviewed by GC Gaunaurd (Code AMSRL-SE-RU, Army Res Lab, 2800 Powder Mill Rd, Adelphi MD 20783-1197).

This handbook is intended for the specialist interested in the solution of Poisson’s equation and the Navier equations of elastostatics (here called the Lame´ equations) in a number of particular situations. The handbook comprises a book and a compact disc (CD). The book has two parts each with two chapters. Part I contains the theoretical part. Part II gives a list of ‘Green’s functions’ for Poisson’s equation and a list of ‘dyadic Green’s functions’ (here called Green’s matrices) for the Navier equations of elastostatics. (These are not...

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