5R39. Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics. - Y Sone (Kyoto Univ, 230-133 Iwakura-Nagatani-cho, Sakyo-ku Koyto, 606-0026, Japan). Birkhauser Boston, Cambridge MA. 2002. 353 pp. ISBN 0-8176-4284-6. $69.95.

Reviewed by C Michaelis (Space, Mission Concept and Anal Group, Appl Phys Lab, Johns Hopkins Univ, 11100 Johns Hopkins Rd, Laurel MD 20723-6099).

Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics provides a comprehensive description of the relationship between kinetic theory and continuum fluid dynamics. The author applies asymptotic analysis to the governing kinetic equations in the continuum limit in an attempt to bridge the gap between kinetic theory and continuum theory.

The author first derives the appropriate set of equations governing the flow in the form of a series expansion on Knudsen number. The Knudsen number is a measure of the degree of rarefaction in the flow, defined as the ratio of mean free path to...

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