3R40. River Mechanics. - PY Julien (Dept of Civ Eng, Colorado State Univ, Ft Collins, CO 80523). Cambridge UP, Cambridge, UK. 2002. 434 pp. ISBN 0-521-56284-8. $120.00.

Reviewed by J Tuzson (1220 Maple Ave, Evanston IL 60202).

The author approaches his difficult task by starting each chapter with the fluid mechanic and sediment particle dynamic fundamentals, which serve to define the key variables. However, these theoretical equations cannot be used to predict the flood-wave propagation, river bed changes and needs of navigation, which are the engineering objectives, primarily because the enormous volume of topological and other input data are not available and would anyway exceed the capacity of the available computer. Empirical equations are used, which consist of products of the variables with empirical exponents. To quantify these exponents, many valuable log-log plots are presented with clouds of experimental...

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