3R37. Gas Cyclones and Swirl Tubes: Principles, Design and Operation. - AC Hoffmann (Dept of Phys, Univ of Bergen, Allegaten 55, Bergen, 5007, Norway) and LE Stein (Process Eng Consultant, Mechanical Separations, 5818 Autumn Forest Dr, Houston TX 77092). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2002. 334 pp. ISBN 3-540-43326-0. $139.00

Reviewed by P Bradshaw (Dept of Mech Eng, Stanford Univ, 488 Escondido Mall, Bldg 500/Room 501C, Stanford CA 94305).

Cyclones, in this context, are devices for separating two phases in a fluid flow. These are the familiar inverted cones seen in dust-extraction systems, without which many a flour mill or carpenters’ shop would be wrecked by a dust explosion. They appear in many other places, such as the catalytic cracking units that are at the heart of an oil refinery. Their design is not trivial.

At the start of Chapter 15, the authors...

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