3R23. Crack Paths. Advances in Damage Mechanics, Vol 2. - LP Pook (Univ College, London, UK). WIT Press, Southampton, UK. Distributed in USA by Comput Mech Publ, Billerica, MA. 2002. 154 pp. ISBN 1-85312-927-5. $98.00.

Reviewed by AS Grandt (Sch of Aeronaut and Astronaut, Purdue Univ, 1282 Grisson Hall, W Lafayette, IN 47907-1282).

The author’s objective for this 154-page volume is to assemble the technical literature associated with establishing the direction of crack growth in an “easily accessible form.” Although prediction of crack propagation paths is essential for a complete crack growth analysis, this task is difficult and is often determined by experimental observation from full-scale tests. This book seeks to collect and discuss the research on crack path direction in a manner that can be readily understood by those familiar with elementary fracture mechanics concepts. Emphasis is on...

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