1R16. Analysis of Composite Structures. - C Decolon (Dept of Mech, Conservatoire Natl des Arts et Metiers, France). Hermes Sci Publ, Paris. Distributed in USA by Taylor & Francis Publ, New York NY. 2002. 336 pp. ISBN 1-56032-982-3. $135.00.

Reviewed by E Armanios (Sch of Aerospace Eng, Georgia Inst of Tech, Atlanta GA 30332-0150).

This book, comprising three parts and four appendices, provides a mathematical presentation of the governing equations for laminated composite plates and beams. The first part is devoted to the anisotropic constitutive relationships with emphasis on orthotropic materials. Hygrothermal effects are covered. Maximum stress and strain failure criteria are presented as well as Tsai-Hill, Tsai-Wu, and Hoffman polynomial based criteria.

The second part treats laminated plates. The governing equations for thin plates based on the Kischhoff-Love assumptions are presented first. Symmetric orthotropic plates are studied for the...

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