1R37. Hydraulics of Stepped Chutes and Spillways. - H Chanson (Dept of Civil Eng, Univ of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia). Balkema Publ, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 2002. 384 pp. ISBN 90-5809-352-2. $105.00.

Reviewed by AS Paintal (Eng Dept, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, 100 E Erie St, Chicago IL 60611).

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of most of the engineering topics in the hydraulic design of stepped chutes and spillways. The stepped channels and chutes have been in use for more than 3500 years, but there is no publication on the hydraulic design of these structures. Since 1980s, there has been a renewed interest in these structures for water and wastewater treatment plants and flood control facilities due to development of new construction techniques and materials. This book fulfills the need for presenting the state of the art in the stepped chute...

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