1R2. Classical and Computational Solid Mechanics. - YC Fung (Univ of California, San Diego CA) and Pin Tong (Hong Kong Univ of Sci and Tech, Hong Kong, China). World Sci Publ Co Pte Ltd, River Edge NJ. 2001. 952 pp. ISBN 981-02-3912-2. $98.00.

Reviewed by S Bechtel (Dept of Mech Eng, Ohio State Univ, 206 W 18th Ave, Columbus OH 43210-1154).

This book is intended as a concise account of many of the important concepts and methods of classical and computational solid mechanics, for what the authors term engineering scientists. It largely succeeds toward that goal—this is a good, comprehensive, unified presentation of much of the field of solid mechanics, written by two well-regarded researchers in that field.

The classical part of the book (the first 16 chapters) is mainly a re-issue of YC Fung’s Foundations of Solid Mechanics...

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