1R1. Boundary Element Programming in Mechanics. - Xiao-Wei Gao (Dept of Mech and Aerospace Eng, Arizona State Univ, Tempe AZ) and TG Davies (Glasgow Univ, UK). Cambridge UP, Cambridge, UK. 2002. 254 pp. (CD-Rom included). ISBN 0-521-77359-8. $69.95.

Reviewed by DE Beskos (Dept of Civil Eng, Univ of Patras, Patras, GR-26500, Greece).

This is a really excellent textbook as well as a reference book on the numerical implementation and computer programing of the direct boundary element method as applied to two and three-dimensional problems of linear elasticity and nonlinear elastoplasticity. The book is aimed at both graduate students and researchers as well as practicing engineers in mechanical, aeronautical, and civil engineering fields.

The book consists of 254 pages plus a CD-Rom with the computer programs described. The whole book can be divided in two main components: The first one...

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