In this review, I shall discuss some of the aspects of the Mechanics of Solid Deformable Media, which have been for more than half a century among my main research priorities.

It is somewhat difficult to write about research to which one has devoted his life. First of all, because you have to write about yourself, describing personal feelings—successes and failures, triumphs and defeats. It is hardly going to be of major interest for the readers. Thus, I am just going to note down, with corresponding comments some results, obtained by my colleagues, followers and myself. I think this can be rather interesting for junior researchers, who have not tasted yet the joy of success and the bitterness of the failure. This might be interesting as well for the mature scholars with relatively high self-esteem, willing to present each and every obtained result as a discovery—classical theory to be followed. The weight of a scientific result is evaluated by time. Time and coming generations of researchers will show the place in science of all results, even those which are widely advertised.

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