9R44. Modeling in Materials Processing. - JA Dantzig and CL Tucker III (Dept of Mech and Indust Eng, Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL). Cambridge UP, New York. 2001. 363 pp. Softcover (Hardcover ISBN: 0-521-77063-7, $130.00). ISBN 0-521-77923-5. $47.95.

Reviewed by M Foster (Dept of Aeronaut and Astronaut Eng, Ohio State Univ, Columbus OH 43210).

This book represents a combining of materials and approaches generated over a period of years by two faculty members teaching courses in polymer processing and metal solidification at the University of Illinois. I am not able to find any indication by the authors about the level of the course, but based on the informal style of the book and the level of the problems, this book appears to be targeted to advanced undergraduate or lower-level graduate students. The derivations are generally done well, if sometimes wanting a...

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