9R27. Mechanics and Analysis of Beams, Columns and Cables, Second Edition: A Modern Introduction to the Classic Theories. - S Krenk (Dept of Civil Eng, Tech Univ of Denmark, Bldg 118, Brovej, Lyngby, DK-2800, Denmark). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2001. 245 pp. ISBN 3-540-41713-3. $54.95.

Reviewed by A Cardou (Dept of Mech Eng, Laval Univ, Quebec PQ, G1K 7P4, Canada).

As stated on the back cover, Krenk’s book “illustrates the use of simple mathematical analysis techniques within the area of basic structural mechanics, in particular, the elementary theories of beams, columns, and cables.” Thus, it covers material presented typically in undergraduate engineering curricula, in a “Strength of Materials” course, together with dynamic aspects generally found in vibrations textbooks—and all this material in a 245-page book.

In fact, the present book emphasizes basic principles without going into the many “practical” applications which are usually...

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