9R18. Strategies for Collective Minimalist Mobile Robots. Engineering Research Series No 6. - C Melhuish (Fac of Eng, Univ of the West of England, UK). Professional Eng Publ, Suffolk, UK. 2001. 222 pp. ISBN 1-86058-318-0. $150.00.

Reviewed by JE Cochran (Dept of Aerospace Eng, Auburn Univ, 211 Aerospace Eng Bldg, Auburn AL 36849-5338).

A swarm of bees has a collective intelligence different from, and in many ways, superior to that of each of its members. Working together, wasps construct nests that a single wasp probably cannot even envision. Individual ants forage for food, but the ant colony brings in the harvest, using several modes of communication. Can the techniques and principles used by these insects help scientists and engineers design simple, or minimalist robots that are less prone to disabling malfunctions because they are so simple. Can such robots in large...

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