7R27. Metal Failures: Mechanisms, Analysis, Prevention. - AJ McEvily (Dept of Metall and Mat Eng, Univ of Connecticut CT). Wiley, New York. 2002. 336 pp. ISBN 0-471-41436-0. $90.00.

Reviewed by M Walter (Dept of Mech Eng, Ohio State Univ, 206 W 18th Ave, Columbus OH 43210-1154).

The failure of metal components in service is obviously a complex subject that requires thorough understanding of loading conditions, material microstructures, operating environments, and inspection technologies. The author has done an admirable job of providing the necessary background information for understanding and analyzing metal failures. The most fascinating aspect of this book is the presentation of numerous case studies that the author uses to illustrate failure mechanisms and techniques for analysis. The prevention of metal failures is addressed primarily through the conclusions reached in the case studies.

This book is intended for use in one-semester...

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