7R21. Practical Methods for Optimal Control using Nonlinear Programming. - JT Betts (Res and Tech Div, Boeing Co, Seattle WA). SIAM, Philadelphia. 2001. 190 pp. ISBN 0-89871-488-5. $51.00.

Reviewed by I Kolmanovsky (Sci Res Lab, MD-2036, Ford Motor Co, 2101 Village Rd, Dearborn MI 48124).

System models are routinely developed in engineering and other disciplines for system analysis and simulation. They now find widespread use in industry in all phases of design and development of technological systems. Model-based trajectory optimization and optimal control are among key tools that facilitate finding better ways to operate and control complex engineering systems. They are also becoming essential in the design phase, to determine system parameters which meet stringent performance objectives and constraints.

In this regard, this book is quite timely. Its detailed treatment of methods and strategies used to solve such optimal control and...

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