5R27. Rolling Contacts. Tribology in Practice Series. - TA Stolarski (Mech Eng Dept, Brunel Univ, UK) and S Tobe (Ashikaga Inst of Tech, Japan). Professional Eng Publ, Suffolk, UK. 2000. 445 pp. ISBN 1-86058-296-6. $188.00.

Reviewed by J Kalousek (Center for Surface Transportation Tech, Natl Res Council Canada, 3250 E Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1W5, Canada).

This is a reference book aimed at engineers who work in the fields of rolling contacts, roller bearings, gears, cams, wheel/rail contacts in railways, etc.

Following the introduction, the book summarizes the classical theories of the mechanics of elasticity, the thermal effects of surface roughness, rolling contacts separated by a film, and rolling fatigue. These theories provide analysis tools for different contact problems. The book discusses a number of cases which are commonly seen in engineering, such as: friction in rolling contact, roller bearings...

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