5R26. Metal Forming Analysis. - RH Wagoner (Dept of Mat Sci and Eng, Ohio State Univ, Columbus OH) and J-L Chenot (Mat Forming Center, Ecole des Mines, Paris, France). Cambridge UP, New York. 2001. 376 pp. ISBN 0-521-64267-1. $95.00.

Reviewed by WA Knight (Dept Indust and Manuf Eng, Univ of Rhode Island, Gilbreth Hall, Kingston RI 02881).

This work is a comprehensive presentation of the underlying principles and applications of the finite element method to the numerical simulation of both sheet and bulk metal forming processes. In this sense, the title is somewhat misleading as it implies a discussion of metal forming analysis in general, whereas very little is included on the more traditional approaches to metal forming analysis. However, the text is aimed at advanced graduate students and experienced practitioners in industry and elsewhere, who should be already familiar...

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