5R17. Identification and Control of Mechanical Systems. - Jer-Nan Juang (Struct Dyn Branch, NASA Langley Res Center, Hampton VA 23665) and Minh Q Phan (Thayer Sch of Eng, Dartmouth Col, Hanover NH). Cambridge UP, Cambridge, UK. 2001. 334 pp. ISBN 0-521-78355-0. $80.00.

Reviewed by L Dewell (Adv Tech Center, Lockheed Martin Space Syst, 1111 Lockheed Martin Way, Sunnyvale CA 94089).

This textbook presents the concepts and results of modern, multivariable control theory, with a particular focus on its application to mechanical systems. The book is tailored to an audience which is not familiar with multivariable systems analysis, including linear algebra, linear system theory, etc. It is suitable as a textbook for an advanced undergraduate course in linear systems theory and modern control. In the opinion of this reviewer, it is ideally suited as a textbook for practicing engineers from fields...

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