5R12. Mathematical Aspects of Numerical Solution of Hyperbolic Systems. Monographs and Surveys in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol 118. - AG Kulikovskii (Dept of Mech, Steklov Math Inst, Russian Acad of Sci, Moscow, Russia), NV Pogorelov (Inst for Problems in Mech, Russian Acad of Sci, Moscow, Russia), and AY Semenov (General Phys Inst, Russian Acad of Sci, Moscow, Russia). Chapman and Hall/CRC, Boca Raton FL. 2001. 540 pp. ISBN 0-8493-0608-6. $94.95.

Reviewed by K Piechor (Inst of Fund Tech Res, Polish Acad of Sci, ul Swietokrzyska 21, Warsaw, 00-049, Poland).

The conservation laws are usually quasilinear partial differential equations of hyperbolic type, therefore equations of this type play an exceptional role in physics, mechanics etc. But equations of this type have their own special “stubborn character,” therefore various methods were invented for numerical treatment of them. The authors...

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