3R55. Groundwater Hydraulics and Pollutant Transport. - RJ Charbeneau (Dept of Civil Eng, Env and Water Resources Eng Program, Univ of Texas, Austin TX). Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River NJ. 2000. 593 pp. ISBN 0-13-975616-7. $105.00.

Reviewed by SA Sherif (Dept of Mech Eng, Univ of Florida, 228 MEB, PO Box 116300, Gainesville FL 32611-6300).

This book is intended for use as a textbook for upper level undergraduate and graduate courses in groundwater hydrology, groundwater hydraulics, and mass transport of subsurface contaminants. It is also intended to serve as a reference for practicing hydrologists, hydrogeologists, and environmental engineers. The book contains nine chapters, nine appendices, 460 references grouped at the end of the book, and an index.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to groundwater hydrology with topics dealing with porous media, distribution of subsurface water, porosity and related properties...

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