3R41. Physics of Pulsatile Flow. Biological Physics Series. - M Zamir (Dept of Appl Math, Univ of W Toronto, London ON, N6A 5B7, Canada). Springer-Verlag, Wien, Austria. 2000. 220 pp. ISBN 0-387-98925-0. $69.95.

Reviewed by RS Budwig (Mech Eng Dept, Univ of Idaho, Moscow ID 83844-0902).

This is the first book, to my knowledge, to give a detailed description of the basic physics and mathematics of pulsatile flow in a tube. While the focus of the monograph is the physics and mathematics of pulsatile flow, the author does refer often to the application of this knowledge to the subject of blood flow in the conduits of the mammalian circulatory system. There are two monographs that write on this subject from a medical perspective (Hemodynamics, by WR Milnor, and Blood Flow in Arteries, by DA McDonald) and...

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