3R39. Finite Analytic Method in Flows and Heat Transfer. - Ching Jen Chen (Col of Eng, Florida A&M Univ), RA Bernatz (Luther Col), KD Carlson (Univ of Iowa), Wanlai Lin (Tech Dev of Next Generation Prod, Emerson Elec Corp). Taylor & Francis Publ, New York NY. 2000. 332 pp. ISBN 1-56032-898-3. $69.95.

Reviewed by G de Vahl Davis (Sch of Mech and Manuf Eng, Univ of New South Wales, Sydney 2052, NSW, Australia).

The finite analytic (FA) method is an Eulerian method that solves the differential equations for CFD/HT by representing the solution domain as a series of homogeneous, constant parameter elements. Within each of these elements an algebraic form of the analytic solution of a linearized form of the equations is constructed. The solution at a nodal value in the interior of each element is...

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