3R22. Control Systems Theory with Engineering Applications. - SE Lyshevski (Dept of Elec and Comput Eng, Purdue Univ, Indianapolis IN 46202-5132). Birkhauser Boston, Cambridge MA. 2001. 416 pp. CD-ROM included. ISBN 0-8176-4203-X. $79.95.

Reviewed by PJ Eagle (Exp and Comput Mech, DaimlerChrysler Corp, 800 Chrysler Dr, Auburn Hill MI 48326-2757).

This book is a monograph devoted to methods for analyzing linear and nonlinear multivariate control system problems. The stated aim of the text is to be “used to teach undergraduate and graduate classes in automatic control at electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering departments.” While this text has several problems achieving this aim (as described below), it is a unique resource that should not be overlooked as an addition to a library of books on control systems. The book is geared toward using the popular MATLAB® and SIMULINK™ software as...

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