3R4. Underlying Principles of the Boundary Element Method. - D Cartwright (Col of Eng, Bucknell Univ PA). WIT Press, Southampton, UK. 2001. 276 pp. ISBN 1-85312-839-2. $149.00.

Reviewed by DE Beskos (Dept of Civil Eng, Univ of Patras, Patras, GR-26500, Greece).

This is a very well written introductory textbook on the foundations of the direct Boundary Element Method (BEM). It is very useful to both teachers and their undergraduate students in applied mathematics and engineering, as well as those interested in learning the basics of the method.

The emphasis is on the principles and the mathematical derivations of the BEM and not on its numerical implementation. In that sense, the book is unique since most of the existing books emphasize the numerical implementation of the method. Detailed mathematical derivations are provided and solved problems are presented in detail in...

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