1R17. Engineering Mechanics: Statics. - AP Boresi and RJ Schmidt (Dept of Civil and Architec Eng, Univ of Wyoming, PO Box 3295, Laramie WY 82071-3295). Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove CA. 2001. 683 pp. ISBN 0-534-95152-X. $104.95.

Reviewed by G Rega (Dept di Ing Stutturale e Geotecnica, Univ di Roma La Sapienza, Via Antonio Gramsci 53, Roma, I-00197, Italy).

The present book deals with most of the classical topics of statics commonly addressed in introductory texts of engineering mechanics. The material is organized in 12 chapters. After a review of basic concepts of mechanics (Ch 1), the book introduces the concepts of force and other vector quantities in Chapter 2. Equilibrium of a particle is addressed in Chapter 3, mostly based on geometrical reasonings. Equilibrium of a rigid-body in a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional framework is addressed in Chapters 4 and 5, respectively, by introducing vector algebra tools when they are needed,...

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