1R14. Adaptive Neural Control of Walking Robots. Engineering Research Series, Vol 5. - MJ Randall (Deceased). Professional Eng Publ, Suffolk, UK. 2001. 332 pp. ISBN 1-86058-294-X. $69.00.

Reviewed by JE Cochran (Dept of Aerospace Eng, Auburn Univ, 211 Aerospace Eng Bldg, Auburn AL 36849-5338).

Scientists and engineers have often used nature as a source of both inspiration and practical solutions in the design of machines. It follows that when an engineer considers the problem of designing a walking machine, it can be expected that he or she will try models of walking animals. As a basis for the design of a walking machine capable of transversing rough terrain, the author of this monograph chose to study the walking processes of hexapod insects. On the basis of observations of these animals and the application of mathematical tools such as neural networks and...

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