1R7. Stochastic Structural Dynamics in Earthquake Engineering. Advances in Earthquake Engineering, Vol 8. - GD Manolis (Aristotle Univ, Thessaloniki, Greece) and PK Koliopoulos (Tech Inst, Serres, Greece). WIT Press, Southampton, UK. 2000. 271 pp. Diskette included. ISBN 1-85312- 851-1. $225.00.

Reviewed by YA Rossikhin (Dept of Theor Mech, Voronezh State Univ of Architec and Civil Eng, ul Kirova 3-75, Voronezh, 394018, Russia).

This book is the fine textbook for civil engineering students, since it comprises the basics of random vibrations and stochastic mechanics which are adapted to the needs of the civil engineer practicing seismic design of structures.

The book includes nine chapters followed by two appendices, a list of references, and an index. The first chapter is an introduction reviewing manifestation of stochasticity in engineering systems and classification of problems. The second chapter presents the fundamental concepts of probability theory...

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