11R1. Engineering Applications of Noncummutative Harmonic Analysis: With Emphasis on Rotation and Motion Groups. - GS Chirikjian (Dept of Mech Eng, Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore MD) and AB Kyatkin. CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton FL. 2001. 674 pp. ISBN 0-8493-0748-1. $89.95.

Reviewed by AC Buckingham (Center for Adv Fluid Dyn Appl, LLNL, Mail Code L-23, PO Box 808, Livermore CA 94551).

In this book, the authors’ stated and quite apparent aim is to provide a comprehensive, yet essentially self-contained and explicitly informative text and reference work on a mathematically sophisticated, inherently essential branch of analysis familiar to theoretical physics and mathematics students. Here, however, two obviously enthusiastic and effective teachers and applied researchers in physical science, engineering science, and applied mathematics have purposely created a substantial book for training engineers and engineering science students at the upper division or early graduate...

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