1R42. Science and Engineering of Droplets: Fundamentals and Applications. - Huimin Liu (Prod and Dev Div, Citation Corp, Southfield MI). Noyes Publ, Park Ridge NJ. Distributed in USA by William Andrew Publ, Norwich NY. 2000. 527 pp. ISBN 0-8155-1436-0. $139.00.

Reviewed by MC Altan (Sch of Aerospace and Mech Eng, Univ of Oklahoma, 865 Asp Ave, Room 212, Norman OK 73019).

This book contains a detailed review of applications and fundamentals of droplet processes. It systematically presents a wide variety of practical as well as theoretical issues in processes involving drop formation. It is well written and logically structured, even for a casual reader. In the first two chapters, it presents different processes and techniques for droplet generation. It addresses the scientific fundamentals, analytical correlations, and microscale analysis of droplets in the subsequent chapters. It is comprised of six chapters and...

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