1R40. Microcontinuum Field Theories II: Fluent Media. - AC Eringen (15 Red Tail Dr, Littleton CO 80126-5001). Springer-Verlag, New York. 2001. 340 pp. ISBN 0-387-98969-2. $149.00.

Reviewed by ME Ryan (Dept of Chem Eng, SUNY, 505 Furnas Hall, Buffalo NY 14260).

The book, Microcontinuum Field Theories II. Fluent Media, is a mathematically-based exposition of the continuum mechanics of structured fluid media, such as anisotropic fluids, liquid crystals, suspensions, etc. Volume II builds upon and extends the theoretical foundation of the subject developed in the first volume, Microcontinuum Field Theories I. Foundations and Solids.

The development in Volume II extends the classical field theories of elasticity, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetism to continua constituted of material points or internal structures having directors that may be deformable as well as orientable. The book is largely based on the author’s contribution to the...

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