1R39. Measurements of Thermophysical Properties by Laminar Flow Methods. - SV Ponomarev, SV Mishchenko (Tambov State Tech Univ, Russia), TF Irvine Jr (SUNY, Stony Brook NY). Begell House, New York. 2001. 273 pp. ISBN 1-56700-151-3. $97.50.

Reviewed by E Logan (Dept of Mech and Aerospace Eng, Arizona State Univ, Tempe AZ 85287- 6106).

This reference book is recommended for use by engineers, scientists, and post-graduate students who are concerned with the measurement of thermophysical properties of fluids. The present book emphasizes laminar flow methods to measure thermophysical properties of liquids. The reader should have a minimal background in partial differential equations, boundary value problems, the theory of viscous incompressible flow, the mechanics of non- Newtonian fluids, and convection heat transfer.

The first chapter of this book comprises a review of the classical methods for the measurement of thermophysical properties of fluids....

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