1R21. Structural Monitoring with Fiber Optic Technology. - RM Measures (Inst for Aerospace Studies, Univ of Toronto, Downsview, Toronto, Canada). Academic Press, San Diego. 2001. 716 pp. ISBN 0-12-487430-4. $175.00.

Reviewed by S Abrate (Col of Eng, Southern Illinois Univ, Mailcode 6603, Carbondale IL 62901-6603).

This is book deals with use of fiber optics for structural monitoring. As explained in the first chapter, the subject of the book should be seen in the larger context of smart structures, which are defined as possessing a structurally-integrated sensing system. Sensors are used to monitor the state and response of the structure. Fiber optic technology has been developed recently; it has some definite advantages over older more established technologies and is generally not familiar to practicing engineers. This book addresses a need for a comprehensive reference on this subject.

The author is well...

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