1R1. Error Analysis with Applications in Engineering. - W Szczepinski and Z Kotulski (Inst of Fund Tech Res, Polish Acad of Sci, Warsaw, Poland). Lastran Corp, Honeoye NY. 2000. 235 pp. ISBN 1-893000-02-8. $57.00.

Reviewed by M Bonnet (Lab de Mec des Solides, Ecole Polytechnique, Route de Saclay, Palaiseau Cedex, F-91128, France).

This book comprises seven chapters, an appendix, a bibliographical section (98 references), and an index. Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter. The stated goal of the book is to address, in a simple manner, branches of error analysis finding direct applications in engineering practice.

The book can be roughly be divided into three parts. The first (Chs 1-3) presents fundamentals of error calculus. Included in this material is a survey of classical concepts from elementary probability theory (including continuous random variables) and statistics. This very classical material is presented in a rather pleasant and...

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