11R38. Open Channel Hydraulics. - TW Sturm (Georgia Inst of Tech, Atlanta GA 30332). McGraw-Hill, New York. 2001. 493 pp. ISBN 0-07-062445-3.

Reviewed by J Tuzson (1220 Maple Ave, Evanston IL 60202).

The contents of the book begins with a somewhat stuffy review of fluid mechanic fundamentals. The Buckingham theorem is never used, not even by the author. Dimensionless groups emerge from non-dimensionalizing equations, which has great advantages, but also the disadvantage of eliminating the need of balancing units and thus avoid errors of calculation. Specific mathematical derivations in subsequent chapters also reach back to fundamentals. The basic equations are cast in practical, well-proven traditional forms best suited for treating open channel flow. The author relies on and provides ample references of earlier work leading up to the present status of the technology. The material of the book could be subdivided into the three major subjects of Uniform Flow, Gradually...

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