11R7. Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics. - AP Boresi and RJ Schmidt (Dept of Civil and Architec Eng, Univ of Wyoming, PO Box 3295, Laramie WY 82071-3295). Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove CA. 2001. 772 pp. ISBN 0-534-95162-7. $104.95.

Reviewed by F Mei (Dept of Appl Mech, Beijing Inst of Tech, 7 Baishiqiao Rd, Haidian, Beijing, 100081, China).

Boresi and Schmidt’s textbook is a very good one for students of engineering science. It is also a good reference for university teachers. The book consists of nine chapters (Ch 13-Ch 21) and six appendices. The authors present the dynamics of particles in the first four chapters. Chapter 13 is an introduction to dynamics, kinematics of particles. Chapter 14 deals with the kinetics of particles. Chapter 15 presents the work and energy principles for particles. In Chapter 15, the authors also present the general concept of energy. Chapter 16 deals with the momentum principles for particles....

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