9R53. General Circulation Model Development: Past, Present, and Future. International Geophysics Series, Vol 70. - Edited by DA Randall (Dept of Atmos Sci, Colorado State Univ, Ft Collins CO). Academic Press, San Diego CA. 2000. 803 pp. ISBN 0-12-578010-9. $99.00.

Reviewed by J Zehnder (Dept of Geography, Arizona State Univ, PO Box 870104, Tempe AZ 85287).

This book is a collection of papers prepared for a symposium honoring Prof Akio Arakawa upon his retirement. The symposium was held in January 1998 on the campus of the University of California-Los Angeles, where Arakawa spent the majority of his career on the faculty of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Arakawa received a BSc in physics from Tokyo University in 1950 and a DSc from the same in 1961. He gained practical experience as a research meteorologist with the Japan Meteorological Agency and at...

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