9R54. Mathematics of Multidimensional Seismic Imaging, Migration, and Inversion. Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics, Vol 13. - N Bleistein (Center for Wave Phenomena, Colorado Sch of Mines, Golden CO 80401-1887), JK Cohen (Deceased), and JW Stockwell Jr (Center for Wave Phenomena, Colorado Sch of Mines, Golden CO 80401-1887). Springer-Verlag, New York. 2001. 510 pp. ISBN 0-387-95061-3. $79.95.

Reviewed by JG Berryman (Geophys and Global Security Div, LLNL, 7000 East Ave, Mail Stop L-200, Livermore CA 94550).

This group at the Colorado School of Mines has a unique perspective on reflection seismology, as it has been developed for and practiced by the exploration community within the oil industry during the last 25 years. This reviewer thinks that nowhere else in academia are applied mathematicians and geophysicists working so fruitfully in such close proximity, sharing students and joint research seminars, as at CSM.

This book was written by three of the most...

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