9R16. Materials for High Temperature Engineering Applications. - GW Meetham (Rolls-Royce, Derby, UK) and MH Van de Voorde (Dept of Mat Sci and Tech, Fac of Appl Sci, Delft Univ of Tech, Rotterdamse Weg 137, Delft, 2628 AL, Netherlands). Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2000. 164 pp. ISBN 3-540-66861-6. $42.00.

Reviewed by L Mishnaevsky Jr (MPA, Univ of Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 32, Stuttgart, D-70569, Germany).

This book is a reference of high temperature materials, their properties, and manufacturing technologies. The intended audience includes practicing engineers and industry managers, as well as students and the academic community. The layout is pleasant, the figures are original, and a well done subject index is available.

The purpose of this book was to bring together the key features of all high temperature materials in one volume. The authors are successful in their aim of providing a concise, yet comprehensive...

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