9R5. Reciprocating Machinery Dynamics: Design and Analysis. - AS Rangwala (Center for Eng Tech, Cincinnati OH). Marcel Dekker, New York. 2001. 761 pp. CD-ROM included. ISBN 0-8247-0531-9. $195.00.

Reviewed by EL Amromin and S Kovinskaya (Mechmath LLC, 2109 Windsong, Edmond OK 73034).

In recent decades, diverse structural dynamics software has became an important tool in machinery design. However, the application of software requires from a designer or an engineer deep understanding of structural dynamics and physics of modeling machines. The author considers probably all significant mechanical, acoustical, thermal, and fluid-related processes in reciprocating machinery. Because of the comprehensive analysis of numerous processes that has to be taken into account in design, this book is an excellent textbook for students and a helpful guide for practicing engineers. The author has put together problems that the engineer can meet. There are conceptual design, dynamic analysis, problems of optimization, and corresponding measurements.


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