9R3. Mathematics of Wave Propagation. - JL Davis (consultant). Princeton UP, Princeton. 2000. 395 pp. ISBN 0-691-02643-2. $49.50.

Reviewed by LN Sankar (Sch of Aerospace Eng, Georgia Inst of Tech, Atlanta GA 30332-0150).

There are a number of textbooks and references that have been published on wave propagation in fluids. One may also find numerous books that individually address the propagation of waves in solids, surface waves in water, and tidal waves. There are very few books that treat all of these related phenomena in a clear, unified manner. This book does this challenging job admirably well.

The first chapter deals with the physics of propagating waves. Many classical problems such as the transverse oscillations of a string, acoustic waves in a duct, and compression waves in a bar are discussed. Topics such as the Doppler effect, dispersion, and group velocity...

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