9R2. Active Noise Control: Fundamentals for Acoustic Design, Volume 1. - G Rosenhouse (Technion-Israel Inst of Tech, Haifa, Israel).WIT Press, Southampton, UK. 2001. 407 pp. ISBN 1-85312-373-0. $279.00.

Reviewed by GC Gaunaurd (Code AMSRL-SE-RU, Army Res Lab, 2800 Powder Mill Rd, Adelphi MD 20783-1197).

This is really a “Handbook” of acoustics that covers a variety of its subjects in a sketchy fashion, and then refers the reader to a list of references for further details. The topics are numerous, and there are over 1000 references, mostly dealing with applications. A student in an Acoustics Program would not profit much from this book, which is intended for an audience of researchers and more experienced design consultants. There is no emphasis on teaching the material; only in providing some more or less useful formulas as the answers to various problems, and in...

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