7R42. Metode Matematice in Aerodinamica. Mathematical Methods in Aerodynamics. (Romanian). - L Dragos (Fac of Math, Univ of Bucharest, Str Academiei 14, Bucharest, 70109, Romania). Editura Acad Romane, Bucharest. 2000. 560 pp. Soft-cover. ISBN 973-27-0781-X.

Reviewed by L Librescu (Col of Eng, ESM Dept, VPI and State Univ, Blacksburg VA 24061-0129).

Professor Lazar Dragos belongs to the younger generation of Romanian scientists in applied mathematics and mechanics and represents the best product of the brilliant school of aerodynamics illustrated by its founders, Victor Valcovici, Elie Carafoli, and Caius Jacob. His book contains the results generated by him during a period of three decades or so, in which he has interacted with his former students, now established names in the area of aerodynamics.

The present book presents a thorough approach of the aerodynamics of aircraft wings in various flight speed regimes, including...

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