The results obtained on the problem of the interaction between a large crack and an array of microcracks or other microdefects are reviewed. The following problems are considered: interaction of main crack with microcracks in the two-dimensional case at tensile, shear or combined stress state; a closure of macro or microcracks as a result of their interaction, and the influence of this phenomenon on the stress intensity factor; the thermal cracking of an elastic solid caused by the macro-microcracks interaction and cracks closure; the interaction of a crack with an array of small pores or rigid inclusions; three-dimensional problems of the interaction of a penny-shaped crack with small penny-shaped microcracks. Discussed analytical results are based on the asymptotic analysis and the series solution to systems of singular integral equations describing the interaction of the macrocrack and microdefects. The series solutions were obtained with respect to the small parameter representing the ratio of micro- to macrocrack sizes. Throughout the review, the known solutions on the crack interaction are surveyed. The comparison with solutions to other relevant problems such as an interaction of semi-infinite crack with an array of finite cracks is given. The impact of a close crack location, and a comparison with relevant results of the continuum model approach are discussed. This review article includes 332 references.

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