Finite element analysis of hyperelastic components poses severe obstacles owing to features such as large deformation and near-incompressibility. In recent years, outstanding issues have, to a considerable extent, been addressed in the form of the hyperelastic element available in commercial finite element codes. The current review article, which updates and expands a 1990 article in Rubber Reviews, is intended to serve as a brief exposition and selective survey of the recent literature. Published simulations are listed. Rubber constitutive models and the measurement of their parameters are addressed. The underlying incremental variational formulation is sketched for thermomechanical response of compressible, incompressible and near-incompressible elastomers. Coupled thermomechanical effects and broad classes of boundary conditions, such as variable contact, are encompassed. Attention is given to advanced numerical techniques such as arc length methods. Remaining needs are assessed. This review article contains 142 references.

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