The purpose of this paper is to present a review of recent developments in gas-side fouling, which may be defined as the deposition of an insulating layer of material onto a heat-transfer surface in the presence of a dirty gas stream. Four major topics are covered in the review: (a) Recent reviews involving various aspects of gas-side fouling, (b) Gas-side fouling mechanisms with special emphasis on transport to the surface, (c) Analytical studies including deposition, heat transfer, and pressure drop models, and (d) Experimental studies including gas-side fouling measuring devices and experimental results. Although the review focuses on work carried out during the past 10–15 years, a number of earlier contributions to the gas-side fouling literature are also included. Gas-side fouling is an extremely complex, multifaceted phenomenon and although considerable progress in this area has been made through the years, it is clear that much work remains to be done.

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