Problems involving the interaction of electromagnetic material effects and forces with stresses, deformations, and dynamics span a wide spectrum from thermal strain problems in microelectronic chips to stresses in large superconducting magnets for fusion reactors, NMR scanners, and levitated trains. An important class of problems that merits increased research effort are the mechanics problems associated with transducers or sensors based on ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, semiconductor, or microelectronic materials. Another area which may have technological payoff is that of electromechanical actuators. Further work is also required on numerical methods for calculating electromagnetic fields, forces, torques, and currents in order to allow engineers to better design and optimize electromagnetic devices. Interaction of laser radiation and high energy particles with solids is another area for new research. Progress in this field has not been steady. The interdisciplinary nature of these problems has meant that the field has no natural home for funding. This will present a problem for future progress in this field.

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