An analytical solution for the bending problem of micropolar plates is derived based on the symplectic approach. By applying Legendre's transformation, we obtain the Hamiltonian canonical equation for the bending problem of a micropolar plate. According to the method of separation of variables, the homogenous Hamiltonian canonical equation can be transformed into an eigenvalue problem of the Hamiltonian operator matrix. We derive the eigensolutions of the eigenvalue problem for the simply-supported, free and clamped boundary conditions at the two opposite sides. Based on the adjoint symplectic orthogonal relation of the eigensolutions, the solution of the bending problem of micropolar plate is expressed as a series expansion of eigensolutions. Numerical results confirm the validity of the present approach for the bending problem of micropolar plates under various boundary conditions and demonstrate the capability of the proposed approach to capture the size-dependent behavior of micropolar plates.

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