We propose here an asymptotic solution defining the optimal compliance distribution for a fibrillar adhesive to obtain maximum theoretical strength. This condition corresponds to that of equal load sharing (ELS) among fibrils, i.e. all the fibrils are carrying the same load at detachment, hence they all detach simultaneously. We model the array of fibrils as a continuum of linear elastic material that cannot laterally transmit load (analogous to a Winkler soil). Ultimately, we obtain the continuum distribution of fibril's compliance in closed-form solution and compare it with previously obtained data for a discrete model for fibrillar adhesives. The results show improving accuracy for an incremental number of fibrils and smaller center-to-center spacing. Surprisingly, the approximation introduced by the asymptotic model show reduced sensitivity of the adhesive strength with respect to misalignment and improved adhesive strength for large misalignment angles.

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